Hey Now...

(Originally posted 6/10/14)

I follow a bunch of photographers and other water people on Instagram (who I really admire btw) and it's been a great winter seeing what everyone has been capturing on the north shore and elsewhere. Inspiring! However, as things have gone mostly flat, the yearly summer exodus from the north shore has begun and some of those peeps I follow have been branching out across the island and beyond. Last week I started seeing some of those peeps posting some pretty killer images of one of "my" favorite local spots (ok it's not MY spot, but it's close enough to bike there from my house!). I was like 'hey now, whatchudoinghere?!' Not gonna lie, I got strangely territorial feelings inside a lil bit! That's something I'm ordinarily super opposed to and critical of so I had to do my best not to let it grow or fester, and how better to do that than to head down there to see what I could see. Here are a few from one of those mornings of glass!

Levon BassoComment