I Choose Stoke

(Originally posted 6/10/14)

Some guys get all serious, silent and stoic in the water, whether they are riding or shooting, no matter how good it is. I don't get it.  Me? I choose stoke!

I don't think anyone paddles or swims out to GET pissed. Most are trying to achieve the opposite and I think most do.  But why do we hide it? I yelp. I smile. I high-five. I claim. I try to get you to claim when I ask you on your paddle back out (even when you paddle inside of me...it's ok, friend lol) "Ho how was dat one you just had?! Looked pretty nuts!" Call me crazy, but the idea is to have fun, right? In some lineups, you'd never know it!

Oh well. I have fun. You should too. And show it! No, show it more!!! Here's a raw clip with a few fully worthy of a couple yelps.

Levon BassoComment