(Originally posted 8/2014)

It's been a nice addition to usually somewhat long slow summers in Hawaii to have some waves head our way from hurricanes! It was a bit of a scare and tense moment awhile back when some of those hurricanes looked like they might directly hit us (alohas and well wishes go out to any who were impacted negatively by the storm, especially on the Big Island), but we are thankful that for the most part we dodged that bullet and potential disaster.

Here's a quick clip of some action filmed during one of those great days of surf sent to us by Hurricane Iselle. Wild stuff, especially with the water color from the rain run-off (it's a miracle I didn't get sick), but it was worth being out there and many were claiming it was the biggest they had ever seen or surfed here! I can definitely attest to the power that was out there that day. If you were there, in or out of the water, you saw what I mean!

Levon BassoComment