Make a New Ending!

Once again, Happy New Year!

So how are your 2016 fitness plans going thus far? On track? Off and on? ('What fitness plans?'!)

No matter what kind of start you've gotten in this first month of the new year - even if that's no start at all - and no matter how much you think you've failed in the past, you can and should start fresh every single day!

Starts only happen once and you can't change yours.

Endings also only happen once but if you're reading this right now, yours hasn't come yet, which means you have every opportunity to write the ending you want! And every day, even every moment of each day, is an opportunity to START.

So start today and do SOMETHING!

Anything is better than nothing, especially if it's more than you did yesterday.

Didn't do anything yesterday? Good! Get up right now, do a squat...congratulations, you just improved your fitness and have begun establishing a healthy habit and you're off to the races! Now repeat and add to it tomorrow!

Now obviously to write that brand new ending it's going to take more than a squat today and two squats tomorrow, but if you need a little help and guidance on what to do, please allow me to help!