Beat the Sweets!


Can you believe that it's almost Halloween?? Before you know it, the holiday season will be done and over with and 2017 will be here!

As we head into the holiday season, I just wanted to invite you to an informal little FREE challenge I'll be holding for the next several days called the Halloween Burpee Challenge.

How it works is simple - for every piece of Halloween candy or other sweet treat you allow yourself to indulge in between now and next Tuesday, November 1st (because we all know that the sweets don't disappear the night of Oct. 31st!), you have to perform 10 burpees.

The idea here is that hopefully the thought of having to do 10 burpees will hopefully discourage you from overindulging in sweet Halloween treats, or at the very least have somewhat of a countering effect on the calories consumed.

In addition, I'd love for you to keep a running tally of how many burpees you end up doing between now and Nov. 1, just so we can see how many burpees were cranked out worldwide as part of this challenge!

Oh, and I almost forgot - if you join this challenge, one super cool side benefit is that you'll be granted temporary access to the SaltyCures Fitness Insider private Facebook page. This is where I interact with and share tons of resources with all of my clients, and where we all share a lot of powerful accountability. It's a great resource that is designed to make a huge difference in your fitness journey. Enjoy free access to the exclusive group through November 1st!

So if you accept this challenge, start right now and join us by clicking here to request access to join the SaltyCures Fitness Insider private Facebook page!

(Now speaking of burpees, aka the exercise everyone loves to hate...if I had to pick one exercise that required the least amount of space or equipment while also training your entire body in the most effective way possible, if would be the burpee! If you've never actually tried one or would like some pointers on how to best perform them, please check out this video from my YouTube channel).

Hope you'll join us for the challenge, and Happy Halloween!


P.S. - Want some help staying in shape - or maybe even continuing to get in better shape - even during the holidays? Stay tuned for more information on The Holiday Staredown health and fitness challenge, which starts Monday October 31st!

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