Make the Climb!

See this view? Perhaps you've seen it before, or others like it...

...In pictures.

But how about in person?

The photo above is the view from one of my favorite hikes anywhere, located in Ka'a'awa, HI. The mountain ridge on which I'm standing where I took this photo looks much like the mountain ridge in the distance. (Sketchy, I know!)

Much of the trail on this hike, however, puts the hiker in places where views such as this are obscured by the ridge itself.

This fact makes you wonder if the intense physical exertion you have to put out on this trail is worth it!

You'll find yourself taking ginormous steps up rock formations, using climbing ropes that have been installed along the trail, etc.

The ascent is nearly vertical for much of the way and it's more of a climb than a hike!

But as you continue making your way up the mountain on this trail, the ridge soon gives way to what you see above.

And if your lungs have any breath left after your burning legs have stolen all of your oxygen, the view is indeed breathtaking!

"The only way to see the views is to make the climb."

Achieving things in life is a lot like this.

And usually, the "climb" you are making becomes most difficult immediately before the "view" (i.e. massive change, personal growth, etc.) is about to open itself to you.

Which is why you must keep climbing and never stop! If things are hard, that may be a good indicator that you are on the right track!

So if you've always wondered what it's like to __________, put in the work, make your "climb", and go claim that "view"!


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