Want More? Then DO More!

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram (if you don't, why not?!), you've seen a pattern in the last two fitness motivation memes I've shared - two different ways of illustrating the same key principle in effecting change (see above and below)

If you want something to change, something you're doing has to change!

Plain and simple, right? Yet how much time do we waste confirming that well-known definition of insanity, where we do the same things we've always done but expect different results?

So let's not do that anymore. At least not if we want change.

Instead, let's run a little farther than we originally planned.

Let's put a little more weight on that last set than we're accustomed to lifting.

Let's put back some of that heaping portion of food we just dumped onto our plates.

Let's grab a heap more of salad and vegetables instead.

Let's drink more water by taking a large water container with us during the day.

Let's wake up and go to sleep a little earlier...

...You get the picture! Simply stated, if you want more, do more!

If you need any help or guidance in doing more, please don't hesitate to contact me. There are a variety of ways I can help, even if you don't live here on Oahu!