What If...You Could Change Everything??


Unless you're one of the few already sitting atop your own fitness summit, you likely want some of this.

Maybe even crave it. Desperately.

We all have our different reasons for wanting change and our different ways of viewing what constitutes it.

But let's be honest - genuine, thorough, consistently lasting change when it comes to health and fitness seems to be elusive for most of us!

We make some progress and then one or more of three things tends to happen - we get scared, we get complacent, we get distracted.

There's nothing permanently wrong with finding yourself in such a place - it happens to everyone and is human nature! We get stuck, though, when these things happen if we don't dust ourselves off, get back in the saddle, and continue on our fitness journey.

This is why accountability is so, so very important! Without it, the little derailings we encounter happen more frequently, and when they do happen we have an extremely hard time getting started again because we don't have anyone to report to and we find it easy to rationalize with ourselves about what has happened.

There's another reason we sometimes don't start, stick with, or recover from setbacks when pursuing a course of fitness - we simply don't know the best actions to take for our unique individual needs!

If you find yourself getting stuck, you aren't sure of what to do or if what you're doing is working, then it's time to radically change your life. It's time you had a 'Fresh Start'!

I have an incredible new opportunity for you to create and maintain big changes in your life when it comes your fitness, which I believe will dramatically change the trajectory of your life as a whole.

You'll be healthier, of course, but you'll also be more productive in everything you do, both of which lead to a more happy, life-capable and contented you! And that is the primary goal of SaltyCures - to help people live better, fuller lives.

So here's the deal on 'Fresh Start' - it's my new fitness coaching program designed to arm you with the knowledge, motivation, accountability and workouts that will not only help you get into the best shape of your life, but will also transform you into a self-sufficient caretaker of your own fitness for life. After all, like we just discussed, getting unstuck is often the problem, and I don't want you to be in that discouraging place ever again!

Fresh Start is for anyone, anywhere and comes in three different levels of service, each created with different needs, levels of commitment and budgets in mind:

  • Fresh Start PREMIER - This is by far and away my highest, most focused, dedicated and individualized (not to mention most limited) level of fitness coaching and training service I offer. For 8 weeks, whether you live locally on Oahu or anywhere else in the world, it will be like I've moved in with you and am helping you daily to deconstruct your unique, individual needs and reconstruct a customized plan based on those needs to bring you both lasting results and a new found ability to maintain those results for the long haul. This 8 week coaching program includes weekly 60 minute video or in-person check-ins to plan, track and report progress; daily text/email/app check-ins for additional accountability; two additional as-needed 30 minute check-ins during your 8 week program; access to the exclusive SaltyCures Fitness Insider Facebook community for additional helpful content, motivation, accountability and trainer interaction; and my passionate commitment to do whatever it takes to provide any other help I can that suits your needs in order to get you where you want to be! The cost of the 8 week Fresh Start PREMIER level fitness coaching program is $1000 (available now).
  • Fresh Start GO - This level of fitness coaching offers a powerful stand-alone online fitness coaching course that lasts for 8 weeks. It consists of videos, guides and workouts designed to teach you how to train and eat properly, as well as organize your approach to life in a way that enables you to get the most out of your fitness efforts and to be able to maintain those efforts. Fresh Start GO also includes access to the exclusive SaltyCures Fitness Insider Facebook community for additional helpful content, motivation, accountability and trainer interaction. Fresh Start GO will be available very soon for a flat rate of $100.
  • Fresh Start LITE - if you find yourself on an extremely tight budget, or aren't in need of a ton of help other than a little push via continued reminders, information, and accountability with a trainer and other like-minded individuals, Fresh Start LITE is for you. For one small monthly fee you'll have access to the exclusive SaltyCures Fitness Insider Facebook community which includes daily posted content, fitness video webinars, fitness and nutrition challenges, and daily accountability reporting opportunities. These interactive tools will help you reach and maintain those goals! Fresh Start LITE is available now and features no commitments, month-to-month, cancel anytime pricing at $20/month.

If you're reading this, first of all, thanks for stopping by! Secondly, if you'd like to take advantage of the special early bird prices listed above that are reserved for SaltyCures subscribers, or if you just have questions, please contact me right away using the button below. I will get back to you immediately and answer any questions you may have and help you get started on the option that works best for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and helping you get that Fresh Start!