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How motivated are you feeling today?

Do you ever find yourself having some form of the following internal conversation?

"If only I could find a way to motivate myself, then I could get fit."

If this is you, or if your thoughts are centered in any other way around the idea that you need more motivation in order to reach your fitness goals, I'm going to contest that motivation is NOT your problem.

On a recent trip this summer to visit family in Utah, my girlfriend and I were sitting in my mom's home office, observing her desk and bulletin board full of reminders, calendars and inspirational quotes.

At one point, my girlfriend observed, "Wow, your mom is really motivated."

As I thought about that comment and what I know about my mom, I had an interesting, alternate insight.

My mom is a fairly quiet, reserved person. She's not the 'rah-rah, go get um!' type. She just quietly goes about her daily business, working hard, doing good, and serving others. No fluff, just stuff, getting done.

And that's when I realized something - habits will take you much farther, for much longer, than motivation ever will.

She's reading this so hopefully it doesn't embarrass her, but my mom, while experiencing and seeking motivation on a regular basis, I'm sure, is a person of habits. Good habits. The kind of habits that run a household, a large family of six children, multiple family businesses and other complex ventures over the years, including a restaurant currently.

Would soaking up fancy quotes and solely relying on the motivation derived from them float these boats on a daily basis for what is now almost 40 years? Highly unlikely.

If you want to get stuff done on a regular basis and create a progressive, accomplished life...


My mom is human so I'm sure she needs motivation daily, just like anyone else. But when motivation fades, well established habits sustain.

To put it another way, "motivation gets you started, habits keep you going."

You know what is probably the greatest thing about habits? They're pretty self-sustaining!

Think about it - do you have to scour Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram to find the motivation necessary to brush your teeth each morning? Likely not, because it's a habit, and probably one that you barely have to think about.

In the absence of habits, where you're constantly on the hunt for someone or something to motivate you to do what you know you should, life becomes completely exhausting!

So if you ever feel like you're lacking motivation, by all means, seek it out.

But when it lacks, use it as an indicator to also take a look at your habits - there's a good chance they need more work, you need more of them, or both.

And when you seek motivation, don't look at it as a cure for ills, but as a tool you can use to fashion yourself into a creature of habit. Being such a creature won't rob you of creativity or individuality like some people are afraid of. Quite the contrary, it'll help you further unleash all of which you're capable and help create a less cluttered, straighter pathway to your goals!


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