52 Horizons

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Like the great Martin Luther King, Jr., I HAVE A DREAM too.

One of my goals I set for myself this year was to surf a new spot I've never surfed before, every week in 2016.

I know, sounds frivolous and immature.

And it was...but then I thought, 'what if I did? What would I get out of it?'

New mental and visual perspectives.

Escaping comfort zones and habitual routines.

Conquering fears, both rational and irrational.

Learning more about ocean and atmospheric conditions at new spots.

Learning to deal with whatever the ocean dishes out and staying stoked on it.

...Just to name a few.

And THEN I thought, 'why should I be the only one to benefit from this?? Share with all the humans!'

And so began 52 Horizons - a year long project to surf a new spot each week in 2016, documented through pen and lens, culminating in a year-end short film + written/print publication.

More importantly, while exploring 52 new horizons this year, I hope to inspire as many people as I can with fresh ideas and perspectives on how to expand YOUR own horizons, try new things, learn new things, and overall live a better life.

Please follow along on the journey! We are already two horizons in (check back soon for updates) and it's been a great experience thus far.

So how about you - you want in? I'm definitely looking to share in having these experiences so aside from following here on the blog, keep reading if you'd like to get involved with 52 Horizons.

I definitely want to involve as many waveriders as possible in a cameo/revolving door sorta way, so if you live on Oahu or will be visiting in 2016 and want to check out new spots you've never surfed and get in front of the lens during some (hopefully) epic sessions, let me know! And even if you don't want to be on camera, hit me up, I'd love to share the stoke and get some together.

I also am looking for input and help in the logistics of things as we go along (e.g. shot planning, video editing, etc.) as well as sponsorship support with equipment, supplies and other resources we might need as the year progresses to make 52 Horizons amazing. We've already got some amazing sponsors lined up and are looking to add more! I will be contacting some directly but if you're interested in supporting the project, please contact me.

Also, if you dig the vision and would like to support 52 Horizons through a monetary donation, you'll be able to soon via the Kickstarter campaign, coming soon.

Much mahalos for all the support of SaltyCures - I'm so stoked to bring this to you in 2016!

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