Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start!

If you're like most people at this time of year, you are in the thick of making and beginning to execute New Year's resolutions. If this describes you, good for you for making an effort to accomplish change!

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As you embark on your 2016 journey to a new you, may I suggest a few things that I think will help!

Suggestion #1

I sincerely hope that you are focused on letting go of the old and directing all of your energy toward building the new. This is a much more productive way of approaching change that will take you much farther, and more quickly!

Suggestion #2

As you work on building the new with hope and confidence, might I also suggest renaming the whole darn thing from New Year's resolutions to New Year's PLANS!

'Resolutions' sound wimpy, like a wish. Worst of all they sound like what everyone else does at this time of the year, but then gives up on by February, if not sooner!

'PLANS' on the other hand? Now that screams confidence and direction. That speaks to a well thought out process that is already ongoing in earnest (or soon will be). A PLAN sounds like something with a defined end result that is in focus and will be seized!

Suggestion #3

As you make your New Year's PLANS, allow me to make one more suggestion - focus more on what you are trying to BECOME as a person than simply what you are trying to accomplish this year.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with wanting to accomplish certain things for yourself. I myself have a long list of things I'd like to do this year!

But I'm a big believer that if we spent more time and energy constantly striving to become the person we know we ought to be - at all times of the year, not just around the New Year - there would be little to no need for attempting to remake our lives by cranking out fat to-do lists each January! It would happen naturally and instinctively, all year round.

But how does this process of becoming someone new through deep, inner change happen? It is a process that takes time, effort and patience, and the answers are probably different for everyone, depending on the person and what needs changing, but here are some suggestions:

  • Spend more time consistently meditating and pondering life.
  • Choose a mentor to hire or follow (in my opinion, this could be a person or also a book/manual/program/system to follow).
  • Have the courage and take the time to mend an important relationship.
  • Seek, renew, or increase your faith and/or religious worship.
  • Reconnect with and be present for family members and others in your life who mean a great deal to you.
  • Smile at people, perform acts of kindness and service every day. Spread aloha!
  • Be honest, work hard.

These are just a few bright ideas and although the above may seem unrelated to change, I promise you that consistently pursuing these and many other good practices can help you become someone fundamentally different inside and will lead to more positive change and achievement than any amount of January to-do list making you could ever do!

Interestingly, once you make plans for and start working toward BECOMING, your list of what you would like to accomplish becomes very clear and a natural outgrowth of the becoming process!

Give this a shot, and good luck this year!

If there is anything I can do to help work with you on your path toward BECOMING, please let me know. To learn more about how I might be able to help through my various fitness services, please click below!