Like what's happening at SaltyCures? I could really use your help!

One of my aims is to provide the world with as much real, practical, down-to-earth, and actionable health and fitness information and services as possible, at a cost that is within everyone's reach.

I am also passionate about being able to lift people's spirits daily by sharing the beauty of creation here in beautiful Hawaii through my photography-related projects.

SaltyCures is a through-and-through, start-from-scratch company with big dreams. It's off to a great start at the beginning of this journey, but a lot of growth is still needed to help make the current and future vision of SaltyCures's good-doing a reality.

I could really use your help in pushing this vision farther!



I would love to make all my dreams of doing good in the world a reality myself, but obviously that just isn't practical. I need help doing it and would love to enlist the help of co-creators like you!

I recently created a page on the site Patreon (<--- check it out if you've never heard of it, cool stuff!) that will enable us to work together to create some awesome things.  Essentially, this platform allows creators of various types to continue their quest to create the good in the world they're working on, while being supported by their community through small, regular financial contributions that keep the creation process sustainable. In return, in addition to feeling great about being a part of this creation process, the 'patrons' also qualify for various levels of rewards in exchange for their support of the creator. A win-win scenario!

Anyway, click here to check out my Patreon page. There, you'll find out what I'm working on, how you can help, and what rewards are available. I hope you'll join the #SaltyOhana! 

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