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Ready to get in shape for summer (and beyond)?

Let’s do it, together!

If you’re ready for a healthier, fitter you, but are needing a little help getting there, join the SaltyCures Summer Slimdown fitness challenge and let’s work together!

The Summer Slimdown is a two month fitness challenge that runs through June and July 2019. It consists of daily guided, step-by-step fitness coaching from me, Levon (hi!), coupled with a heavy and helpful emphasis on group accountability and support with other challenge participants.

During each month of the Summer Slimdown, we’ll be focusing on building habits designed to help you get results and keep results.

I will help you daily, guiding every step of the way with motivational and informational coaching videos, workouts, helpful guides, articles and more. All of these resources that you will have at your disposal will be accessible via our private members only website as well as our exclusive SaltyOhana Fitness group page on Facebook.



 What do you think is the most important thing to get dialed in so that you can reach your fitness goals?

The exercise you do? Your nutrition? Guess again…

While your workouts and nutrition are obviously critical, my experiences as a fitness professional have shown repeatedly that unless you focus on the work of establishing good habits in general, the best workouts and the best nutrition plan will do you absolutely no good because they won’t be something you stick to.

This is because they have not yet become HABITS!

For this reason, the Summer Slimdown is heavily focused on helping you develop sound habits that will help you WIN the game of getting in shape AND staying in shape.

During each month of the challenge, we will be focusing on a critical, overarching healthy habit that will be key in helping you obtain the results you’re looking for. During each week of that month, we will also be working on smaller mini challenges that are related to the monthly healthy habit and that further help you establish that habit.

Additionally, a TON of resources will be provided for you on a daily basis that will help you succeed this summer (and beyond). Read on to learn more about these!



The results you achieve will ultimately depend on YOU and what you choose to do with your participation in all the Summer Slimdown has to offer, but I’ve tried to pack as many tools and resources as possible into this challenge, so that you can have the greatest possible chance of success!

During the challenge, you’ll have access to the SaltyCures FitClub private Facebook group, available only to my clients and active challenge participants. This group will include the following helpful resources:

  • A fitness coaching video every Monday that introduces what we are specifically working on that week and also offers some coaching points on that subject, as well as motivation to get you going for the week!

  • An article or other resource posted every Tuesday that is pertinent to the current week or month’s mini challenge or overarching healthy habit

  • A workout video every Wednesday for you to smash!

  • Another article or other resource every Thursday that is pertinent to the current week or month’s mini challenge or overarching healthy habit

  • A live video fitness coaching session within the Facebook group every Friday to discuss in more details what we have been working on and to answer any questions you may have, live and on-the-fly!

  • A weekly wrap-up coaching video every Saturday that reviews what we’ve been working on during the week and gives a preview on what we’ll be working on during the upcoming week

  • ACCOUNTABILITY! You’ll be encouraged and expected to report how you’re doing within each day’s post and to comment on posts of other challenge participants to help encourage them along during the challenge.

In addition to the private Facebook group, you will also have access to the exclusive SaltyCures FitClub website where many additional fitness videos, guides, workouts, and more will be regularly added.

All combined, these resources are designed to help you not only get into the best shape of your life, but to educate and inspire you to form habits that will last and enable you to maintain the results you will achieve!


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If you’re ready to start down the road to better habits and a fitter you, join us today for the Summer Slimdown!

You can sign up at anytime, even if you’ve missed the beginning of the challenge, and still reap plenty of benefits. The resources will be available for you to make use of during the entire challenge!

Sign up today for the entire challenge for just $47!