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...is saltwater - sweat, tears, the ocean." You've probably heard that one before. SaltyCures isn't about making anyone cry, but it is about a whole lot of fitness and photography from Hawaii!

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Aloha, my friend! My name is Levon Basso, fitness professional and photographer at SaltyCures.

SaltyCures is a lifestyle brand and company I created, centered around my work as a mobile fitness trainer and photographer on the island Oahu, Hawaii. I do what I do to help make people happy and live better lives!

Whether that's through helping you establish a rock solid foundation of fitness and well-being for life...

Or, in putting a smile on your face through the visual magic created by the lens and shutter...

Or, by just following me on my adventures around this beautiful island doing either of the above.

You like happy, right? Keep scrolling for all the ways we can make happy happen for you!



Real. Good. Fitness. With my fitness services, whether we work together locally on Oahu or remotely via today's fabulous Internet technology, you can expect a refreshing, hard working, down-to-earth approach focused on getting you one thing - REAL RESULTS!

A healthy life is a happy life and when you achieve fitness results, you won't want to stop! And as you achieve results, you will give yourself a greater capacity to live the life you were meant to live. Click here to see how I can help you achieve those results!

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There's a sweet little connection between the visual input to your eyes and your smile. Is your connection a little off? Check out my work of surf, scenic and portrait photography from beautiful Hawaii to keep that face smiley and the soul happy. Prints, apparel, calendars, and more are available by clicking here!

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My dad always taught us kids, when you borrow or use something, try to give it back in better condition than you found it.

I've got a mind to leave a positive mark on peoples' minds and lives through the services offered at SaltyCures, but also through special projects like '52 Horizons', 'Visions for the Soul', 'Transform', and 'Turbo Trash Pickup', which are designed to expand horizons, lift spirits, and provide meaningful community service!

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Looking to score something pretty? Check out the latest good stuff from the SaltyCures store!

Now available - 'Wave Zero', the original SaltyCures t-shirt. Click below to order!



Interested in learning more about me, my background, certifications, experience, and more? Please click here!

Mahalo for checking out SaltyCures!