As important as working out and implementing sound nutritional habits are, accountability might be the greatest determining factor of whether you are successful in reaching your fitness goals! The primary accountability tool the R:20 training program utilizeS is the interaction with other R:20 subscribers and your trainer on the private SaltyCures Insider Community Facebook page. If you have not yet received access to the group, please click the link to the group and request access.

Accountability as a crucial vehicle for your success and cannot be emphasized enough! Please regularly participate on the Facebook page, for yourself and for others!


While the R:20 Fitness system does not have a focus on competition with others, you should absolutely be in competition with yourself to do the best you possibly can with every workout, every meal and everything you do each day to maximize the results you get with this program!

Use of several tools to track your progress during the challenge will be provided and encouraged. I also highly encourage you to track your progress on a weekly basis using the following methods:

  • Before and after pictures
  • Gauging how certain articles of clothing are beginning to fit and feel
  • Measuring body circumferences using a soft tape measure
  • Using the provided method of tracking R:20 workout scoring

Whether you share these tracking measures with others, such as on the Facebook page, is completely up to you and whatever you're comfortable with. You can also share them with me directly for added accountability and motivation.

You may notice that use of a scale for tracking progress is not listed above...and there's good reason for that! You will hear a lot more from me during the course of the challenge about why this is the case and how I feel about scales, but to briefly sum it up, I feel that scales are used far too frequently, they are one of the least reliable measures of fitness, and they have caused more unhappiness and misery to mankind than many terminal diseases have! My recommendation is to ditch the scale for these next six weeks and focus on the above methods of tracking your progress!