Welcome to the SaltyCures 'Visions for the Soul' gallery, where not only can you deck out your walls with a stunning piece of Hawaiian photographic art, but you can also do some good for a soul in need!

Everyone loves images of pretty scenery, including me! But as I've captured, collected and relished in thousands of amazing moments behind a camera here in paradise, I've come to strongly believe that there's more to photography than just selfishly "getting the shot.," and that much more can be done with what I capture to help the human condition.

Over the past few years, I've received a ton of feedback on my social media posts and live video broadcasts from people who were hugely impacted by the scenery I was showcasing. I started to realize just how many people are out there that are not only unable to experience the beauty of Hawaii first hand, but who are also in need of nature's healing that is possible through conveying the stunning imagery that we have here. This eventually led to the concept of 'Visions for the Soul!'

VFS is simple and it works like this - for every print sold, a second print also gets donated to someone in need of physical, mental, and/or emotional healing. This could include individuals suffering from PTSD, cancer patients, children with incurable diseases, people suffering from mental health challenges, and more. These prints will be personally delivered by me whenever possible, and I plan on video documenting and sharing the experiences I have with VFS recipients.

Sounds amazing, right?! So if you'd like to be a part of this effort to lift and bless others (and pick up something stunning for yourself, too, of course), please pick something out for yourself in the gallery below!

To order, click an image, then click the 'Click to Order' link. If you're on a mobile device, click an image, then click the small dot in the lower right corner for the 'Click to Order' link to appear.

If you want to order something you've seen on the SaltyCures Instagram or Facebook accounts, just contact me using the button below and we'll make it happen!

And if you know someone who would benefit greatly as a recipient of a VFS print, please contact me. I'd love to hear about them! (Currently delivering on Oahu, Hawaii only, but traveling deliveries are hopefully on the horizon in the future!)

If you're not really looking to purchase a print at this time but you love this concept and would like to support it, donations are always appreciated as well! Lots of help is needed in getting this project up and running to the level I have envisioned for it and donations will be used for needed equipment upgrades as well as marketing costs to help further spread the word about VFS. Mahalo!