The R:20 training program is designed to be followed continuously for a period of six weeks during the challenge, but the program can also be repeated for continued results.

The R:20 training program includes six powerful, bodyweight based workouts, ideally performed 2-4 times per week. How many times per week you perform R:20 workouts will depend on which program design you select (see below) and what other workouts you do in combination with R:20 workouts. High intensity interval training programs (aka 'HIIT'), such as R:20, yield the most results when they are performed concurrently with other training modalities such as traditional strength/resistance training and cardiovascular training. Keeping your other non-R:20 workouts diverse with a mix of different training modalities - e.g. strength training, cardiovascular training, hiking, swimming, yoga, etc. -  is highly recommended. R:20 workouts will tie these types of workouts together due to its hybrid focus on strength training performed at a constant, rapid pace, all of which evoke strength, interval, and cardiovascular training responses within the body.

There are three recommended R:20 program designs. Choose which design you would like to use, depending on how many days per week you plan on doing your other workouts. As a rule of thumb, aim to vigorously work out 5-6 times per week! R:20 workouts should be performed in the prescribed sequence with appropriate number of days of rest in between successive R:20 sessions. The three recommended program designs are (click to enlarge):


R:20 workouts are designed to be intense! This is due to the nature of the combination of challenging bodyweight-based strength training movements, performed in a continuous, almost frantic manner, with excellent form but without breaks. Strive to perform each repetition at its prescribed maximum speed, with proper form, and do not pause or take any breaks until the 20 minutes are over, repeating the circuit of exercises as many times as you can in 20 minutes. Again, your goal is to perform all repetitions as powerfully and rapidly as possible, while not stopping or pausing for any reason! It is highly unlikely that you will be able to completely avoid any stopping, especially when first starting out with R:20, but continually remind yourself to avoid it. In this way, you will maximize the fat burning capability of these workouts!

Each week in the several program design options implements 1-2 individual R:20 workouts. The workouts are delivered in video format and can be found on the appropriate week's page. Each workout video demonstrates the exercises to be performed in each workout, including exercise sequence, number of repetitions, and any other key information necessary to perform the exercises safely and effectively. Because of the nature of an R:20 workout in which people of differing fitness levels will perform the workout at different speeds, it is impossible to create a strictly follow-along workout video, hence the demonstration videos. Please study carefully the workout video demonstrations and refer to the included printable/downloadable exercise guides if you need reminders of exercise sequence, repetitions, etc. during performance of your workout.