I'm sure by now you have got this R:20 thing down, or are at least well on your way! As you get more and more familiar with this style of training and what it takes to get results, keep stepping on the gas in trying to push yourself harder and harder. Every time you train had with real intensity, you increase your capacity to do more of the same.

Also, this week marks the start of the half way point of the 6 week R:20 program. Whether you've done well or you feel like you could have done better during the first half of the program, use this point in time to refocus on what you need to do to make the second half (and beyond, because long term habits matter most!) of the R:20 Challenge really count! Here's a bit of a pump-you-up video with more on all of that:

And here are Workouts 4 and 5 for this week in the R:20 training programs. Train hard!