Thank you for choosing to work with me as your photographer, it means the world to me!

To show my appreciation, I've created a referral rewards program that offers the opportunity for you to earn discounted or even FREE photo sessions and/or photo prints!

How it works

When you refer family, friends, or anyone else who books a photo session(s) with me, you earn credits. These credits can be redeemed for valuable rewards (even if you no longer live on Oahu!). Here is the breakdown of what credits you will earn based on the types of photo sessions you refer:

  • 30 minute session referred = 1 credit

  • 60 minute session referred = 2 credits

  • Wedding photo services = 3 credits or more, depending on size of wedding package sold

These referral credits can be accumulated and redeemed for photo sessions and/or digital and physical print products for yourself in the following ways:

  • 2 credits earned = 1 full resolution digital image download (in addition to the free yearly image you receive as part of the ‘Birthday Batch’!)

  • 3 credits earned = 2 full resolution digital image downloads, OR a free 11”x14” print (paper, canvas, or metal), OR 50% off a 30 minute photo session

  • 4 credits earned = free 30 minute photo session, OR 50% off a 60 minute photo session, OR a free print up to 16”x24” (paper, canvas, or metal)

  • 6 credits earned = free 60 minute photo session, OR a free print up to 24”x36” (paper, canvas, or metal)

(Additional reward combinations may be possible, just ask!)

Let’s get you your credits!

If you’ve worked with me in the past - or even if you haven’t! - and you have referred someone who has booked a photo session with me in the past, or will in the future, please let me know using the button below so I can award any past credits you may have earned! (And please let me know who you’ve referred, even if you’ve let me know in the past, just so I can make sure I have record of it!)

If you’re ready to start earning referral rewards, feel free to start spreading the word about my photography session services! Once you’ve referred someone, be sure to let me know and I will be sure to make a note in my records so that you receive your proper credit(s). I will keep in touch with you regarding your progress in earning credits toward rewards.

Here are the easiest ways you can let people know more about booking a photo session with me:

  • Direct them to my website page that showcases some of my favorite past client work and provides them a way to contact me directly with questions or to book their session (click here)

  • Direct them to the SaltyCures Instagram and Facebook pages, where more of my work can also be seen and where they can contact me as well

If you have any questions about this client referral rewards program, please let me know using the contact button above!

Mahalo for your business and/or loyalty!

Your help and support in referring past and future photo clients is IMMENSELY appreciated. I love freezing time, telling stories and preserving precious memories through photography, and I look forward to much more time spent with amazing families, couples and individuals!