Aloha! Are you ready to get started on your fat burning and weight loss journey of change with the R:20 Challenge?! That journey starts here and I am excited to help guide you there over the next six weeks!

The components of the six week R:20 Fitness program include:

  • WORKOUTS with accompanying recommended six week program structure
  • NUTRITIONAL SUCCESS GUIDE to ensure maximal results through proper nutrition
  • ACCOUNTABILITY, mostly via the SaltyCures Fitness Insider Community

This R:20 Insider page is home to all of the program's main content. To get started using the program's content, here is what to do:

  1. Click the 'Program Design' link to learn about how the R:20 training system works and how to make the most of its workouts and suggested training programs.
  2. Click the 'Nutritional Success Guide' link to view/download the NSG, the key nutritional resource for the R:20 Fitness training system
  3. Click the 'Accountability' link to learn more about the role accountability plays in utilizing the R:20 Fitness training system and to gain access to the private Facebook page where most accountabilities activities and resources will be posted.

*Note: if you're using a mobile device, you may need to click the '+' to view the links from the drop-down menu.


I am always here for you to answer any questions and provide any guidance you may need to make the most of the R:20 Fitness training system! Reach out to me on the Facebook page or contact me at at anytime. Aloha and happy fat burning!